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The time of Mad Men-style marketing is over. The world as Madison Avenue knew it no longer exists. In his lifetime, Don Draper would have witnessed a sea of change in the way his company did business. After his retirement, his daughter will deftly steer the company onto the information superhighway and the world wide web. By 2014, his grandchildren, every last one of them a Millennial, will attempt to show their 90 year-old grandfather how mobile computing in the digital age enables the company to reach its target audiences on a variety of platforms.

At Social Age Media, we specialize in digitally marketing to the Millennial generation. By working closely and attentively with our customers, Social Age is able to successfully develop strategies to which the Millennial audience responds favorably.

Our marketing solutions involve the following:

  • Building or rebuilding a client’s digital presence
  • Using social platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) to improve our client’s digital presence
  • Performing digital footprint audits
  • Developing creative optimization strategies including detailed analytics
  • Ensuring tactical execution of existing marketing strategy on social platforms
  • Creating original content including design elements
  • Preparing marketing plans
  • Executing digital branding
  • Web page user experience audit
  • Web page copy audit
  • SEO/SEM consultation
  • Training a client’s staff in tactical execution of digital strategy
  • Market research & analytics 
  • Website bulding and maintenance