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Big Data?

It’s hard to miss the hype about Big Data. Marketers have access to so much data about their consumers that it’s easy to get lost and assume that every little piece is important. Honestly, it’s not about Big Data, but the Right Data. This talk was given to the Innovate Pasadena group by Social Age Media's president, Apryl DeLancey.  She provided examples of how Big Data is not always necessary and simple ways that any marketer – with or without a background in numbers – can derive deep insights from readily available and simple data points.

Social Age Media doesn't bury you in meaningless data points.  We provide the right data points coupled with actionable insights to meet - and exceed - your marketing goals.


 "It's Not Big Data, It's the Big Idea, Stupid"

Data Science Central:

“The ‘Big Data’ marketing hype obscures the fact that more actionable, valuable insights are likely to be found in the right smaller ‘Smart Data’ sets in contrast to large data sets.”


“In the Gold Rush to accumulate and put to use Big Data, we may actually be making it harder to actually glean insights from that data.”


“….bulk collection of raw information has no value without a creative means of diagramming, mapping and comparing it all in a way that gives it meaning”